Wednesday September 30th


Wednesday September 30th

Warm up
Run 200
10 Inch worms plus push ups
15 strict pull ups or variation
10 inch worms plus push up
Run 200

Grab a bar, with a light weight as a class we will go through 3 rounds of tempo deadlifts 3 seconds up, 4 seconds down
12 Minutes EoMOM (6 rounds total)
2 Tempo deadlifts at the above tempo
*work at moderately heavy weight, its only 12 lifts but we don’t do tempo deadlifts that often.

Run 400m
15 DB Clean and Jerks 50s/35s
200m DB Front Rack Carry
Rest 3:00
Run 400m
15 Double DB Snatch 50s/35s
200m DB Farmers Carry
Rest 3:00
Run 400m
15 DB Front Squats 50s/35s
200m DB Overhead Carry

*scaling will vary- if you get to any of the carries, especially overhead, and two dumbbells is too much, scale to 1 DB
*Double DB snatch video below

Extra work today. Accumulate 7 minutes of plank.

Extra work
6×100 sprint down the side of building. sprint down, walk back. do this with some friends so you can race.