Wednesday September 30th

Warm up
Run 200
10 Inch worms plus push ups
15 strict pull ups or variation
10 inch worms plus push up
Run 200

Grab a bar, with a light weight as a class we will go through 3 rounds of tempo deadlifts 3 seconds up, 4 seconds down
12 Minutes EoMOM (6 rounds total)
2 Tempo deadlifts at the above tempo
*work at moderately heavy weight, its only 12 lifts but we don’t do tempo deadlifts that often.

Run 400m
15 DB Clean and Jerks 50s/35s
200m DB Front Rack Carry
Rest 3:00
Run 400m
15 Double DB Snatch 50s/35s
200m DB Farmers Carry
Rest 3:00
Run 400m
15 DB Front Squats 50s/35s
200m DB Overhead Carry

*scaling will vary- if you get to any of the carries, especially overhead, and two dumbbells is too much, scale to 1 DB
*Double DB snatch video below

Extra work today. Accumulate 7 minutes of plank.

Extra work
6×100 sprint down the side of building. sprint down, walk back. do this with some friends so you can race.