Tuesday September 29th

Warm up
10 Burpees
Then 2 Rounds
10 Jump squats
10 ring rows
100m Run
Then 10 bupees

Strength 20 Minutes
Find 5 rep max back squat.
That will look something like this
10 reps empty bar then at a very light weight, a few sets of 5-7 building to that heavy weight, then take your attempts at a 5 rep max. Get a “safe weight” so you have something to work off in the future, then go for that big set that you know is going to be a fight. going to keep you moving on this. We will have days in the future that will be all strength, the entire hour. this is not that day.

Wod (starts at 30 after, have your equipment ready)
5 Minutes AMRAP x 3 (2 Minute rest between amraps)
Row 500/400 OR Run 400 Or Ski 500/400 or Bike 30/20
60 Doubles or singles
Max Reps Power Cleans 135/95

-Row, bike, ski or run exactly 2 minutes or numbers listed above, whichever comes first.
-jump rope 1 minute or until you get the numbers above, whichever is first
Power cleans for the remaining 2 minutes at a light, moveable weight.

Benches will be out there for quality, not speed
8 sets of 5 double DB bench press
7 Toes to bar or knee raises between sets