Wednesday September 28th

Wednesday 9/28
WE ARE CLOSED. We will open ASAP.

check back for details. we are planning on opening friday mid morning for a couple hours, then closing up at 11 and getting ready to host the friday night throwdown.

If you have equipment at home i will leave this posted.

Warm Up 2 Rounds

10 Cal Ski

10 Burpees

10 Air Squats

:10 Empty Barbell Review w/ Coach 5 Front Squats

5 Pow Pos Clean High Pull 5 Power Position Clean

5 Hang Clean

5 Squat Clean

:15 Strength:

Every :30 for 10:00 (20 reps)

1 Squat Clean

Sets 1-5: all performed with a Tempo Pull

Sets 6-16: build to a heavy but perfect clean (no tempo pull)

Sets 17-20: reduce weight and finish with 4 perfect reps

:35 WOD:

For Time 30-20-10

Calorie Row (at home workout sub burpees)

Front Squat 135/95lbs (at home workout sub squats with some kind of weight.. a bag of dog food? anything you can find will work)

*50′ HS Walk after each set (3 total)

Target Score- Sub 14 Min


Front Squat: Should not exceed 3 sets

Row: Should not exceed 2:00/1:30/1:00 to complete. HSW: Scaled to 3-4 Wall Walks

***row equivalents

Run (road): 300-250-200m Ski: 1:1 (proficient skiers)

:55 Cool Down:
Childs Pose