Thursday September 29th

Thursday 9/29

We are still closed today. Keep checking here and on the facebook group. we are planning on opening as soon as possible.
Regular workout posted below, but here is an home workout.
5 Rounds
10 Push ups
10 Burpees
20 Squats
rx plus is 20 alt pistols per round

Warm Up 400m Run

5 Strict Pull Ups

1 Rope Climb (Rope Pull) 200m Run

5 Strict Pull Ups

1 Rope Climb (Rope Pull)


>> Seated / Learning Feet Grab the rope

Make an X with shins

wrap the feet and make the pinky toes touch

SAVE YOUR ARMS! Lean bar, bring knees HIGH/ to the chest in “pull”, when standing extended hip to the rope.

:15 Barbell Review

5 Snatch Grip High Pull (Pow. Pos.) 5 Power Position Snatch

5 Hang Snatch

*Work up to WOD weight*

:25 WOD

On a 26 min running clock:

AMRAP 16 Minutes, alternating rounds with a partner:

10/7 Calorie Air Bike 1 Rope Climb

10 Hang Power Snatches 100/70lbs then,

From 16:00-26:00

Find a 1RM Snatch


Hang Power Snatch: Should not exceed 2 sets in any round, ideally 1 set Rope Climb: Should not exceed :20 to climb the rope.

Bike: ~ :45 to complete

:55 Cool Down
Double Flat needle