Wednesday May 23rd

New Strength Cycle Starts this week.
***Add 10 pounds onto your back squat and deadlift 1 rep max and 5 pounds onto your press and bench press max. THAT IS YOUR NEW NUMBER, take 90 percent of that number and refill in your chart! The last 3 sets of every week are THE MOST IMPORTANT. Try as hard as you can. Make notes in your chart above so you can look back at your results.

Warm up- quick row, 5 minutes, be ready with a bar at 5 after
Shoulder to Overhead Review Progressions
Quickly review Front Squat and strict press

Strength 1- Strict Press (ADD 5 pounds onto the max number you were working with last week)
AMRAP at 85% should be more than 5.

Strength 2-
Front Squats
2,2,2,2,2      5 sets to work a heavy double… NOT A MAX DOUBLE…

Wod-This is light and fast. Choose weights and movement appropriately.
30-20-10 reps for time of:

Dumbbell thrusters 35/25   (Kettle bells will work for thrusters as well)
Toes to Bar


Scroll for scaling options.



This couplet should be light and fast. Each set of exercises should be completed with no more than 1-2 breaks, or go unbroken if you can. Use lighter dumbbells and modify the toes-to-bars so that you can blitz through this and avoid long rest periods.

Intermediate Option

21-15-9 reps for time of:

Dumbbell thrusters


Men: 35-lb. dumbbells

Women: 25-lb. dumbbells

Beginner Option

21-15-9 reps for time of:

Dumbbell thrusters

Hanging knee-raises

Men: 20-lb. dumbbells

Women: 10-lb. dumbbells

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