Tuesday May 22

***Add 10 pounds onto your back squat and deadlift 1 rep max and 5 pounds onto your press and bench press max. THAT IS YOUR NEW NUMBER, take 90 percent of that number and refill in your chart! The last 3 sets of every week are THE MOST IMPORTANT. Try as hard as you can. Make notes in your chart above so you can look back at your results.


Warm up-

50 pass throughs
50 OHS with PVC

Strength Warm Up- Snatch Progressions
0-2 Minutes 8 Power Snatch from the power position
2-4 Minutes 6 Power snatch from the knee add and OHS
4-6 Minutes 6 Full Snatched from floor (Empty bar from shin)

Strength Snatch 25 Minutes to find a heavy double. Does not have to be touch and go but reset quickly
***If you are working on technique use this time to do sets of 5 at a lighter weight. practice practice practice. No standing around.

Wod- Why is there 33 reps of some movements.. .Because it’s Erin Derriks 33rd BIRTHDAY!
3 Rounds For Time
11 Power Snatches 135/95
1 sled push
11 Burpees over your bar
1 Sled Push
11 Slam Balls

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