Wednesday May 11th

Weight Vest Wednesday!!!

20 Band Pull Aparts (perform 10 palms down, 10 palms up)
Alt. EMOM 9 Minutes
A. 6 Tempo Push Ups*
B. 8 Seated Box Jumps for explosiveness
C. 10 Calorie Air Bike
*Tempo to the ground, fast on the way up

Strength- This is going to burn
Every 4 Minutes for 12 Minutes
1 Max Set of Strict Press @45% of 1RM

Wod- For time
Wod starts with no vest-The oly lifts with a vest on are silly and promote bad mechanics
Perform a 20 Hang squat clean buy in at 135/95
Then- Throw your vest on and
Run 800M
40 burpees
Run 800M

Running clock! no dilly dallying with your vest

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