Thursday May 12th

Minutes 12/9 Calorie Air Bike
10 Empty Bar Hang Clean and Jerk
:30 Plank Hold

Every Minute for 15 Minutes
1 Tempo Pull Power Clean + Split Jerk
*guess what? our next focus lift is squat clean and jerk!

AMRAP 8 Minutes
8/6 Calorie Air Bike
8 SDLHP 75/55lbs

*we can run heats of this if there aren’t enough bikes or you can row or ski

Stimulus: Technique Rest: As Prescribed
Coach Focus: The tempo pull power clean will curb your athlete’s ability to go heavy in today’s lifting session, which is by design as we are looking to work the skill of weightlifting. The lighter barbell is the most efficient way to create new motor patterns so athletes should be instructed to keep it light and focus on form. Athletes may share a barbell if appropriate but ensure that both remain light.

Feel: Cardio Pacing: Sustain
Target Score: 6+ rounds, ideally EMOM or Faster Firebreather Score: 12+ Rounds
–  Air Bike: Calories should not exceed :45 at any point, but most athletes should do
this as prescribed.
–  SDLHP: Must remain 1 unbroken set. Ensure athlete’s have a barbell weight they
will not break up and can remain moving fast with.

Coach Focus: To ensure the stimulus is met with today’s workout it is critical that athletes can maintain a cadence of EMOM or faster. “Sending it” from the start is not a great strategy with an 8 minute clock but athlete should be told to reach with their pacing without sacrificing their ability to stay moving later in this couplet.
This is a great day to demonstrate to your athlete that scaling is often a recipe for better intensity so do not allow your “RX or die” crowd to RX their way out of intensity.

20-25 Minutes of slow steady run or machine

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