Wednesday March 24th

Read this, don’t skim.
Calories today are based on the person. Everyone gets a test run of 2 minutes then we will choose calories for you. Experienced athletes pick a number roughly 5-10 cals higher than what you just rowed (round up.) New athletes pick a slightly lower number. If you sandbag the test run to try and “game” this workout you are only hurting your own fitness. correctly done you are setting an almost unattainable goal.

2 Rounds
20/16 Calories, moderate pace
16 A Frame toe touches
Then – Test run of 2 mintues max cals. This is a very fast pace but not a sprint. really push it.

*the way to score this in Zen Planner is take 60 (the max amount devil presses owed if you never hit your goal) minus the amount of devil presses completed. So if you didnt hit your goal any round you would be doing 10 reps of devil press per round. 60-60= 0 for a score. if you only had to do 2 devil press per round your score would be 60-12 for a score of 48.
AMRAP 5 Minutes x 6
In the first 2 Minutes of the 5 Minute window:
50/40 calories **calories will be different based on athlete. we will set a number during the test run
For every calorie not completed in the two minute window, immediately perform 1 Devils’ Press with 35s/20s.
Rest the remainder of the interval.
*There is a 10 rep cap on the Devil’s Presses each round.