Tuesday March 23rd

Warm up
Every 2 Minutes for 6 Minutes
:20 Bike or row (Aggressive pace, but not a sprint)
16 Step Ups
12 Jump Squats

Take time to build to your 70-80 percent that you are going to use for the back squat weight

Back Squat
Immediately after each set of squats, perform a :10 “rolling sprint” on the bike or rower. Rest 3 minutes after the bike/row sprint. A rolling sprint means getting your machine up to speed slowly so (about 5 to 10 second) then letting it rip. The sprint doesnt need to be so fast that you are rolling around the floor, but it should be close to max effort. This will help teach you to get your rower or bike up to speed a little bit before you hit that sprint. Especially important on the rower so you don’t hurt your back.

5 Rounds ***throwback tuesday to last fridays burpees box jump overs
10 Burpee Box Jump Overs 24/20″
20 Wallballs 20/14lbs
Rest 2:00

Goal pace is sub 2 minutes a round for everyone! Scaling will be key here!
Burpee portion should take 1 minute or just over. for some that will be 10 regular burpees or 10 burpees over your bar
Wall ball portion should take 1 minute. That means no more than 2 breaks per set. first lower the weight on the wall ball to achieve that, then lower the reps if you have. to.