Wednesday March 10th

Warm up
3 Rounds
200 M Run
10 Squat jumps
5 Burpees

Get your box out for box jumps and get your machine ready.
*Burpee box step overs today. No sense in risking smashing your shin 2 days before the first open workout.

This wod is 32 Minutes including rest. Coaches will let you know every round how many burpee box step overs you will doing as the numbers change every rounds. Cals are machine of your choice.

AMRAP 2:30 x 8
*Burpee Box Step Overs 24/20″
Max Calorie Machine in remaining time Rest 1:30
(each round is 4 minutes total, score is calories)
Round 1- 15 step overs
Round 2- 12 Step overs
Round 3- 9 step overs
Round 4 6 Step overs
Round 5- 6 step overs
Round 6- 9 step overs
Round 7- 12 step overs
Round 8- 15 step overs

Burpee box step over
Consider starting with a lower starting amount, for example 10-8-6-4-4-6-8-10 (56 total vs. 84)
*everyone should have at least a minute on the machine every round.