Wednesday June 5th


400m Run
:30/:30 Quadruped Adductor Hip Rock
:30 Down Dog Calf Stretch
:30/:30 Active Pigeon Stretch (5 sec Pause in Stretch)
:30/:30 Couch Stretch

2 Rounds, For Quality
10 Wall Lean March
10 Bootstrap Squats
10 Alternating V-Ups
8 back squats, add weight second round


Back Squat

Every 2:30 minutes, 4 Sets
4 Back Squats @ 80%+
+3 Depth Jump to Box Jump

20:00 AMRAP
400m Run
30 Wall Balls 20/14lb, 9/6kg, 10/9ft
20 Sit-Ups
*GHD’s are an option, coaches will advise on reps depending on your experience with the GHD. no more than 30 TOTAL if you havent done these in awhile.

Goal: 4-5 Rounds

Stimulus: Midline / Quad Stamina / Threshold Intensity

RPE: 7/10

Primary Objective: Complete 4+ Rounds

Secondary Objective: Increase intensity and decrease round split on each round of this workout.

Athlete Strategy and Workout Notes:

The goal today is to maintain around 5k pace on the run, then work into a big set on the Wall Balls with the goal of only breaking twice, but if needed break the Wall Balls into 3 sets. Ideally 3 sets is all we need to get the Wall Balls completed before moving onto the Sit-Up. Here we are looking to maintain a good pace and cadence with these and looking to complete the set in under 1:00 each time.

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