Tuesday June 4th


1:00/1:00 Active Scorpion Stretch
:30/:30 Samson Stretch
:30 Extended Reverse Plank Bridge
:30 Wall Thoracic Extensions

3 Sets, For Quality

5 Up Downs
10 Bar Kip Swings
10 Alternating Dumbbell Hang Snatch
5/5 Dumbbell Windmills


Press Progression
Every 2:00 minutes, 4 Sets
4 Strict Press + 4 Push Press
@ 75% + of Strict Press

The focus today will be to build to a heavy set of 4 on strict press and follow that up directly with 4 Press to add some dynamic speed and tension to the lift. This will help activate more muscle fibers and get the body primed and ready to tackle a new 3RM next week.
For those needing any scaling modifications due to issues with the overhead press, we can go to a Single Arm DB Strict Press or Single Arm Landmine Press as great alternatives here today.


‚ÄúVice Grip”
For Time:
8 Rounds
4 Dual Dumbbell Devils Press
7 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

40 Lateral Burpees Over Dumbbells
Dumbbells: 50/35lbs (22.5/15kg)

Goal: 13:00-15:00

Time Cap: 20:00 minutes

Primary Objective: Unbroken Chest to Bars As Long As Possible

Secondary Objective: Send the Final 20 Burpees

Athlete Strategy and Notes:

Today will test our grip and dynamic pulling endurance through the first 8 rounds, before transitioning to a mental fortitude and raw fitness check to wrap this up. Look to keep the pull-ups unbroken as long as we can today, and focus on relaxing the hands on the dumbbells as often as we can to minimize grip fatigue. Once we get to the burpees, it’s time to set this thing on fire. The devils press will be performed with no stop allowed at the shoulders today, but you may redip under the dumbbells as you pull overhead.

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