Wednesday June 22nd

*1 min foam roll ankles/quads
*1 min glute activation (all for directions)
-Then- 2 rounds of warming up full ROM
* 10 Cossack squats
*5 tempo goblet squats (moderate weight) 3 seconds down, explosive drive up
*6 calf raises with toes elevated on a plate. Hold one second at the top before starting descent to starting position

do small warm up sets of 3-4 back squats until a moderate weight. Dropping down to 2 per set at about 75-80% and then start singles.

Find your 1 rep max back squat – this is our next focus lift
Warm up your back squat with several rounds of 3 to 5 reps of lighter weights making small jumps, when you get into heavier weights only do 1 or 2 reps until you find that 1 rep

AMRAP 6 Minutes
10 Power Snatches 75/55lbs
8 Pistols

Stimulus: Heavy Rest: As Needed
Coach Focus: Our high CNS lift is the fan favorite Back Squat! As a friendly reminder, we want your athletes squatting below parallel not to parallel. Hold your athletes to a high standard when it comes to depth.

Feel: Cardio/Gas Pacing: Reach
Target Score: 4+ Rounds Firebreather Score: 8+ Rounds
Power Snatch: Should ideally be 1 set at all times, but if an athlete is moving
fast they may require 2. Overall, bar should be very light. Scale weight before reps. If an athlete cannot go overhead due to injury, scale to power clean
Pistols: Preserve ROM at all costs today. Scale by having athletes squat to a
band or a box. Deconditioned athletes can perform lunges, step ups, or air squats. See video in “Additional Notes/Resources” for pistol scaling.
Coach Focus: Conditioning is a quick back-and-forth between Power Snatch and Pistols. Power Snatch should ideally be 1 set and the pistols should never exceed :30 of work`. Coaches should allow athletes to take the time they need to warm up their pistols before starting. We want to avoid your athlete’s pistols “getting better” as they work through the workout because this means they did not warm up enough.