Wednesday June 21

Reminder-we are updating our email list. Please put your name and email on the sheet at the desk.
–Also, we have nutritional plans and guidance available. Ask us for details–
Friends and family are always welcome! Please send a quick text or give us a call at 813-440-8882 if you have a friend that would like to try the gym so we can get an intro class set up for them. Chances are if you “throw them to wolves” they are going to be lost and not enjoy the experience.
Personal training is available and many of you are choosing to use it. CrossFit classes are a group setting so if you are looking for a few hours of one on one coaching or nutritional help then personal training is great option. If you are new and want that extra one on one help it’s great. If you are experienced and would like one on one help with advanced movements or weightlifting personal training is the way to go.

Warm up- Run a mile or row 1600

Bench Press-

5 Rounds- Death to legs 55/35
10 Dumbbell Squats
10 Dumbbell lunges in place (5 each leg)
10 dumbbell step ups to a box (if these get too difficult just use one of your dumbbells)


Extra- Same as yesterday.. only super mans, and hollow bodies, your legs will be sore enough.