Thursday June 22nd

Did you know you can save 50 cents on most food and beverage purchases by buying a punch card? A punch card is $25 and has 10 punches on it. It is good for cookies, fit-aid and Celsius which are all normally $3.00 a can. Save yourself 5 bucks and buy in bulk. Plus you don’t have to swipe your card everyday. Punch cards are left in the little box on the desk. Buy yours at this link today and we will get you all set up.

Warm up- 6 minute emom. Run 100 and 3 burpees

Strict Press
7,7,7,7,7  This should burn, seventh rep should be tough each set

Wod- good old fashioned CrossFit

********DO NOT go RX+********* if these cleans are light for you, then sprint the run (or row if you cant run) test yourself! Work your weakness!
15 Minute Amrap
7 Clean and Jerk 135/95
25 Double unders
200 meter run

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