Wednesday June 1st


Wednesday June 1st

2 Rounds rotating Every Minute: 1:
1:00 Row
2: 1:00 Handstand Hold/Free Standing Handstand Hold practice
3: 10 Light KB Taters…..whats a tater?

Every 2 Minutes for 10 Minutes- taken from the floor
3 Touch and Go Push Press AHAP Starting around 65-70% and building
*Bar taken off the floor, not the rack, the floor

Wod:For Time 5 Rounds
12 Dumbbell (or KB) Deadlifts 50s-80s

Feel: Gas/Muscle Overload Pacing: Reach/Sustain Target Score: 4-6 Minutes Firebreather Score: Sub-2:30
–  HSPU: Should not exceed 2 sets or reps should be reduced to as few as 5. If 5 reps
are not possible, scale to push ups
–  DB/KB Deadlifts: Should be as heavy as possible while sticking with the goal of 1 set
every round, but if things break down, 2 sets are OK as long as the rest is short.
Coach Focus: Today’s conditioning should be very short, short enough to run multiple heats in class if implements (DBs and KBs) are scarce. Before starting, coaches should remind athletes that even though this workout will be short, that doesn’t mean they should move poorly. Start, execute and finish each rep properly.

AMRAP 1 Minutes x 9
10 Kettlebell Swings 70/53lbs Max Toes to Bar
Rest 1:00

Feel: Muscle Overload Pacing: Reach
Target Score: :30 of Toes to Bar at the end of each round (7+ toes to bar/round) Firebreather Score: :30 of Toes to Bar at the end of each round (15+ toes to bar/round) Scaling:
–  KB Should remain 1 unbroken set. Scale weight not reps. Must not exceed :30 to
–  Toe to Bar: If an athlete cannot perform 7+ toes to bar in the remaining time, scale
to kipping knee raises and have athlete work on accumulate reps of the lower skill movement
Coach Focus: We are training efficiency and consistency in the toes to bar with today’s muscular overload stimulus. The direct interference that occurs between the KB Swing and the Toes to bar is on purpose. In the case that an athlete can perform 1 toes to bar but cannot link them, stick with the kipping knee raise with a kick to have them practice the consistency in their kip swing and kick.
Additional Notes: How to Coach the Toes to Bar