Tuesday May 31st

Foam Roll Upper Back and Lats 2:00-3:00
1:00 HS Hold
2 Rounds
10/7 Calorie Bike
10 Plate Ground to Overhead 45/25lbs
25’ Duck Walk
10/7 Calorie Row

On a 12 Minute Clock, Practice the following complex
1 Power Position Power Snatch
1 Hang Power Snatch (At the Knee)
1 Power Snatch (From the floor)
*Drop and reset. try to do a complex set every 90 seconds.


AMRAP 4 Minutes x 3 with a Partner:
P1: Max Calorie Row/Ski
P2: Max Calorie Bike Rest 1:00
*Both athletes begin working at the same time on separate machines. Partners may switch machines as desired during the 4 minute window, but must make at least one switch each AMRAP.
Score is calls. If there are more than 16 people in a class we will make it work, some team might just miss out on the amazing bike OR we can do waterfall style, teams of 3, workout on the bike, ski, and row switching machines as you feel like during the 4 minutes

Score is cals

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