Wednesday June 12th

We may need to adjust this workout depending on weather, but no matter what we will be doing a lot of cardio tomorrow. It will be like Saturday Endurance if we can’t do the planned workout. There is a repeat of a 40 minute EMOM we did as an option.
20 second Forward and Back Line Hops
20 second Side to Side Line Hops
20 second Bend and Bow
20/20 second Single Leg Toe Touches

2 Sets, For Quality
30/30 second Kettlebell Hip Shift
1:00 minute Alternating 90-90 Hip Switch

1 Mile Run
2k Row
1 Mile Run

We may need to adjust this one for the storms we are going to get.
Today will be a heavy dose of cardio, very similar to a Saturday no matter what workout we end up doing.