Tuesday June 11th

2 Sets
1:00 machine
10 PVC Pipe Passovers
10 PVC Pipe Around the Worlds
:30/:30 sec PVC Pipe Prayer Stretch

3 Sets
10 Alternating Dumbbell Hang Snatch
10 Deep Lunge Mountain Climber Lunges
:10/:10 Sec Single Leg Glute Bridge Hold

Then Barbell warm up

Every 90 seconds
1 Power Snatch + 1 Squat Snatch
*Once you can no longer Power Snatch, continue with only 1 squat snatch until you reach a heavy for the day.
Starting @ 70% of Power Snatch
Cap 12 Sets
The focus here is to transfer the energy from the Power Snatch into the Squat Snatch and keep building explosiveness as you make your way to the final squat snatches.

10 Rounds
3 Snatch 135/95lb. 61/43kg
3 Bar Facing Burpees

Goal: 5:00-8:00 minutes

Time Cap: 12:00 minutes

Stimulus: Barbell Conditioning

RPE: 9/10

Primary Objective: Keep consistent paces across all rounds. Find that groove and stay steady

Secondary Objective: Stay with quick singles of no more than 4 sec between reps on the barbell

Strategy : Attack this one with speed and consistency. The majority of athletes should stick to quick singles throughout the workout here with the goal of maintaining a pace that they can hang on from the get-go!

The workout will build intensity, but if you rest too long between movements it will make things harder and you will wind up slowing down more than you should. Try to just get into the next movement and never stop moving.

PRVN Recovery #5
1:00 Elevated Prayer Stretch
1:00/1:00 Elevated Pigeon Stretch
1:00 Seated Chest Stretch
1:00/1:00 Crossbody Lat Stretch