Wednesday February 21st

3 Sets, For Quality
12/9 Calorie Machine
8 Alternating Box Step-Ups
8 Step-Down Box Jumps 24/20’’
*lets step down today and most days. snapped Achilles are not a good thing. rebounding box jumps are not a great movements. the open is next week. stay healthy
8 muscle snatch
8 low hang power snatch *start 2 inches below your new

Strength.. lighter weight today

8:00 minute EMOM
Muscle Snatch + Low Hang Power Snatch
Suggested starting load @ 40% of 1RM Snatch

For the Muscle Snatch we are looking to drive forcefully through the floor while
keeping the bar close and developing a fast turnover and punch to finish with the
barbell ending over midline of the body. We will then move the barbell to the low hang
position, which is dictated as 2 inches below the knee. The key here is the stretch of
the hamstring and staying over the bar, while pushing the ground away. Work the
same aggressive turnover and bar close technique, then punch fast and move the feet
into a quarter squat position to receive the bar.


13:00 minute AMRAP
1 Wall Walk
3 Power Snatch
5 Box Jump Overs 30/24”
Rounds 1-2: 95/65lb, (43/30kg)
Rounds 3-4: 135/95lb, (61/43kg)
Rounds 5-6: 155/105lb, (70/48kg)
Rounds 7+: 185/125lb, (84/57kg)

Primary Objective: Complete 6+ Rounds
Secondary Objective: Complete Rounds 1-4 as unbroken TnG Snatch Reps

This workout is centered around the Snatch, however by addin in the component of a
higher box jump today we will need to stay focused and slow the heart rate down a bit
to make sure these are done safely and effectively. We should be able to tackle the
first 4 rounds of this workout with TnG Power Snatch weights before needing to pull
things back a bit and hitting quick singles for the rest of the workout. The goal is to get
to that 7th round and have to challenge our system to hit heavier loads under some
fatigue, mimicking the style and feel of previous CrossFit Open workouts