Wednesday December 9th

Lets have some fun with 20 Bar Facing Burpees, race your friends (SEND IT)
Then 2:00 Banded Front Rack Stretch (per side)
Then 7-5-3 DB Squat Clean Thrusters
Rest :30 after each set

Strength Pause Front squat
5 sets of 3 AHAP *you can build between sets

Do your extra work today listed after the workout. We are working on pull ups. A row is a form of pulling. any extra pulling work will help you with your pull ups.

AMRAP 6 Minutes
9/6 Calorie Assault Bike or rower
6 DB Thrusters 50s/35s
3 Devils Press 50s/35s
Rest 3:00
AMRAP 4 Minutes of the same
Continuing where you left of

3x 1 minutes of max reps renegade rows. rest 2-3 minutes between rounds
Don not rotate your torso excessively as you perform renegade row. Lighter DBs is better today – they’ll get tough!