Wednesday December 8th

2:00 4-way Banded Glute Activation
Alt. EMOM 6 Minutes, :50 work :10 rest/transition
1 – Machine Calories
2 – Single DB Box Step Overs
3 – Burpees


Every 4 Minutes for 16 Minutes (4 sets total)
3 reps of 1&1/4 Back Squats*
*Peform a squat to full depth, stand until hip crease is above the knee, return to bottom, then stand tall.

Do at least 3 warm up sets. Each squat presents the opportunity for athletes to learn “the bounce” out of the bottom of the squat as well as proper mechanics in the descent of the squat. We want to see athlete descend by having their hips “sit back” and then upon standing we want athletes to have their hips and shoulders rise in unison.

AMRAP 13 Minutes
21/18 Cals bike or ski
9 Wall Walks
3 Front Squats 225/155lbs

Cals Should not exceed 3:00 in any round and should take closer to 1:30-2:30 to complete.

Wall Walks: Use the open standards for RX/Scaled. Should not exceed 2:00 to complete a round.

Front Squat: Should be very heavy, but not exceed approximately 70% of the athlete’s 1RM. Athletes should be able to clean the weight and do 3 unbroken reps each round.