Wednesday December 29th

Texas Strength Squat Cycle is back!! Remember this. Really looking forward to big Pr’s!
Couch Stretch 2:00/ Side
5 Minute back squat specific warm up

Find a 5RM Back Squat
This is your Back Squat test for Phase IV!

The high CNS lift for Phase IV will be the Back Squat. One of the most effective squat programs ever written is the Texas Method 5RM Back Squat program. Each week athletes will perform a 5×5 Back Squat based upon this session. Coaches should spend time prior to starting the clock for the squatting session on proper squatting mechanics as well as effective “bailing” techniques for athletes so they know how to safely get from under the bar in the case they can no longer squat the weight

Wod- if you have time

AMRAP 3 Minutes
100 Double Unders
Max Squat Clean Thrusters 95/65lbs

Feel: Gas

Pacing: Send/Reach

Target Score: 15+ clusters

Firebreather Score: 25+ clusters


  • Double Under: should not exceed :90 for anyone. Reduce DU requirement or modify to singles.
  • Cluster: athletes should be able to do multiple touch and go reps rather than singles. Athletes should have a bar that allows them to hold on for big sets in what will be at most, 2:00 of clusters. 

Coach Focus: Priority today is the back squat, so allow as much time as needed. We go long a few times this week, so encourage athletes to push themselves on the short conditioning piece to wrap up class.