Wednesday December 27th

Warm up-
Warm up starts on the hour as a group
Partner up with someone who isn’t your bestie

12 minutes. Each take two minutes to warm up slow on the rower. Then
8 minutes max cals on the rower. Might have to put a few people on the bike, switch every minute, no dilly dallying with the straps, fast transitions

Strength. 10 Minute Emom-
Warm up at least 5 minutes for this so you have nice starting weight on the bar. Build up slow
2 Front squat- (first rep can be a squat clean)
2 push jerks

3 rounds 3 rounds for time of:
Row 250 meters (rowers full, not a crisis, ski erg 250, or bike 12 calories)
21 wall balls 30/20
12 chest-to-bar pull-ups (sub 20 ring rows)

Accessory work- do it!! 10 minutes double under practice.
Have your doubles do this
8 minutes
even minutes 20 doubles
odd minutes 10 ring dips or bench dips