Wednesday December 23rd

20 A-frame Toe Touches
Then 2 Rounds
Row 200m
10 Empty Bar Thrusters

4×8 Barbell Good Mornings, building in weight
*we don’t do these often with weight. Go lighter but try to put some weight on.

“I’m Gone Burgundy?”
For Time
Row 2000/1800m row
30 Front Squats 165/120lbs
30 Bar Facing Burpees

Scaling:- Front squat weight should be no more than 4 sets to complete the 30 reps.
Target time 13-18 minutes
Super fast time Under 12
** Feel like you are really rounding your back near the bottom of the front squat? Remember to stay tight, big breath in at the top, belly breathe, hold breath until you are back to the top or almost back to the top.
** Try widening your front rack, move your hands out a little bit and keep your elbows up and out, if you are bringing your elbows in towards each other it make it really tough to breathe because you are closing your chest up.

Foot handstand walk
OR second handstand hold. Rest between sets. If you fall on either try to get right back up and keep going, rest after the set is done.