Wednesday August 4th

Games Day!
Warm Up

1:00 per side, Wrist Stretch
1:00 Deadhang from Pull Up Bar
600m run (broken into 200m)
10 Thrusters
3 wall walks

Warm up to your thruster weight and find your wall walk spot
Event 4 of the 2021 CrossFit Games
Wall Walks
Thrusters 185/135
Time cap 20 minutes

Scale to 95/65 if you want a shot at finishing and for most of us a much better workout.

If you have a 185/135 thruster you are welcome to try it out, but know when to say when. Hurting yourself for an RX makes absolutely no sense. 55 thrusters at that weight is doable for some, 55 wall walks is doable for some if they were separate. Putting them together is entirely different thing.
Just be careful