Wednesday August 31st

Wednesday 8/31
Warm Up
2 min Banded glute activation (all 4 ways)
3 Rounds
8 Goblet Lunge Steps
200m Ski

:10 Review
Shoulders over wrist
Straight arms, ARMS ARE STRAPS deadlifts are not ¼ bicep curls at the top of the lift
Barbell should move up and down (no sideways rainbows)

Weight mid to back foot
Aggressively squeeze glutes as bar passes the knees and keep bar close to body (this helps to avoid “the scoop”/ finishing with bent knees)
Let’s Focus on >>>> Taking the slack out of the bar! We don’t need to jerk weight from the floor. This often creates or encourages the rounding of the back.
Hands on the bar, shoulder blades back and down, creating a flat back and neutral spine, pull chest away from the bar without driving through the legs.
Once this has been achieved then the lift may start.

:15 Strength
Build to a Heavy Deadlift Single between
3×4 @ 82.5-87.5% 1RM
Rest 3-4 minutes between sets
Within ~1:00 after each set, perform 5 medball bearhug jump squats maximal power.
-All reps are performed as “singles”.
Deadlift to standing, return the bar to the ground under control, and then release your grip on the bar
before beginning the next rep.

:45 WOD
Choose one of the following:
Every 2 Minutes for 5 Sets, perform 1 smooth
set of:

Strict Banded Pull Ups (10-15 reps)

Push Ups (10-25 reps)

25 Ab mat or 8-10 GHD Sit Ups

1:00 Weakest Machine

:55 Cool Down
Piriformis Stretch and Figure Four