Thursday September 1st

Warm Up
1st- say Happy Birthday to Coach Ashley
AMRAP 8 Minutes
200m Row
10 Band Pull Aparts
:15 Handstand Hold
8 Empty Bar Push Press

:10 Review
Protect your neck! Chin stays in neutral. Meaning you should see the rig in each rep.
If an athlete throws his/her head out and looks at the floor beneath them in their handstand or HSPU this is a safety concern. This will cause loss of midline, causing them to fall away from the wall.
Don’t lose your ribcage. Ribs should stay “tucked”.
Athletes should be close enough to the wall to where they can remain compact but still be able to create a tripod with head and hands, head loading closer to the wall.
Opening fully with the knees at top of kip followed by hip opening.
Your bum bum should not be on the wall at the top of your handstands. “Squeeze your butt, squeeze you gut”

:15 Strength
Every Minute for 10 Minute
1 “Fast” Set of HSPU
Every Minute for 10 Minute
1-2 HSPU Negatives (3 seconds down)
Every Minute for 10 Minute
:15 Handstand Hold

:30 Review 2:
Shoulder to overhead options
push presspush jerk
-Feet hip to shoulder width
-Dip and push knees out
-Stable front rack
-Vertical drive up

:40 WOD
AMRAP 10 Minutes
200m Row
10 Shoulder to Overhead 95/65lbs
-STOH: Should always be a fast, unbroken sets of 10
Target Score: As close to EMOM as possible
:55 Cool Down
Lying Quad Stretch and

Overhead Bench Stretch