Wednesday April 28th

2:00 4-way Banded Glute Activation, 5 steps per direction + 3 squats after each direction
20 Lateral Squats
30 Russian KB Swings 53/35lbs
EMOM 5 Minutes, both in the same minute
Run 100m (increasing speed and running hard for at least he last 2 minutes)
6 Explosive Jump Squats

Strength is an all day event today.
***EVERYONE keep your box height at 20 inches or lower (jump to plates for lower) OR just jump as high as you can for 5 reps after every squat. It ‘s week 2 of Post Activation Potentiation (an explosive movement after a heavy lift)
You are not trying jump and tuck your legs up like you are trying to get on top of a very tall box. You are trying to jump as high as you can. jump way above the 20 inch box and land on it. theres no reason to use a higher box on this jump. You can even jump as high as you want without a box.

Back Squat
Immediately after each set, perform 5 explosive box jumps.
Rest 3-5 minutes after the box jumps. Start at 75% and add weight each set, ending at a heavy double or 2RM. Goal: sets of 3 are slightly heavier than last week. Attempt to hit the set of 2 you hit last week for 2 sets, or heavier (may go for 2RM if it feels good).

Extra work- Please pull the rowers outside if you are going to do this

5 Rounds (15 minutes total)
2:30 Row for Distance
Rest :30
R1-R2: 20-24spm
R3-R4: 26-30spm
R5: Open