Tuesday April 27th

2 Rounds
200m Run
15 Scap Pull Ups
16 Box Step Overs (have athletes practice the lateral step over without weight)

We are going to practice muscle ups skill progressions or pull up progressions depending on what you are currently working on

2 Rounds
5 False Grip Ring Rows
3 Rounds
5 Low Ring Transitions
2 Rounds
3 High Ring Transitions

OR for pull ups
2 sets of 30 seconds accumulated hanging from bar
2 sets of max ring rows
2 sets of banded pull ups (looking for number between 5 and 10)

Workout (Muscle up or MU progression version)
14 Minute Amrap
3 Muscle Ups (rings is rx, if you have bar but not rings go for ring attempts, if you have bar but just a few scale by number or go for attempts, if you almost have bar use a band or go for the progression of jumping into the bar, big kip, knees up, hip to bar)

6 DB box step overs
2 Muscle Ups
6 DB Box Step Overs
1 Muscle Up
6 DB Box Step Overs
RX: 24/20″ Box, DB: 50/35s (2 DBs)

Workout (pull up verison)
14 minutes amrap
3 pull ups or jumping pull ups or 8 ring rows
6 DB Box Step Overs
2 jumping pull ups or 6 ring rows
6 DB Box Step Overs
1 jumping pull up or 4 ring rows
6 DB Box Step Overs