Wednesday April 10th

2 Sets, For Quality
30 second Echo
30 second Deep Lunge Mountain Climbers
30 second Row
30 Bootstrap Squat
30 second Lateral Shuffle
-15 second Transition between each movement

“Flow State”
40:00 minute EMOM, 8 Sets
minute 1: 13/10 Calorie Echo
minute 2: 8 Burpee Box Jump 24/20”
minute 3: 14/11 Calorie Row
minute 4: 15 Wall Balls 20/14lb, (9/6kg)
minute 5: 150m Run or 6 Shuttle Runs
Score = Rounds
You may take off a total of 5 rounds, which is 1 round per movement

The goal for the workout today should be to keep things steady and flowy, as the name
suggests. We are not looking for a workout that brings you to the brink of redline or makes you question life. Focus on trying to make the workout feel as easy as possible. We can do this by focusing on breath, cadence and movement mechanics.
For this workout the score will be total rounds which in this case are 40. You are
allowed to take one round off per movement throughout the workout, when you need
the extra breath or break. So 35-40 rounds will be the score and the goal would be to
take off a minute only when needed. This should allow us to keep the RPE lower and
have the workout remain more sustainable