Thursday April 11th

Weightlifting warm up. go through power movement of snatch and clean

Weightlifting Test-Day
10:00 minute EMOM
1 Power Snatch, Start @ 70% of 1RM
10:00 minute EMOM
1 Power Clean, Start @ 70% of 1RM

For the Power Snatch we are looking to start at 70% with the focus on building by around
5-10lb each set and ending with a max weight for the day on the 10th minute. Some
athletes will get to a heavy max weight earlier on in this workout, so the goal here would
be to get to a heavy, then drop 10% and hit the remaining reps at 90% of the heavy for
the day.
We will do the same with the Power Clean today loading from probably close to where we
ended with our Power Snatch with possibly slight adjustments and then build from 70% of
our Power Clean in the same fashion up to a Heavy for the Day.
This is a fun style weightlifting day that can be adapted for competitors to newbies alike.
For those new to lifting and a little fearful of the barbell, have them work at light loads for
3-5 reps at a time and just really reinforce form and work from the hang position today to
really dial in extension through the hips.

Gymnastics Skill / Re-Test
10 Rounds, For Time:
7 Chest To Bar Pull-Ups
Score: Time
Cap: 10:00 minutes
For this test today, you MUST rest after each round of 7 Chest To Bar Pull-Ups. Your goal is
to accumulate the 70 reps as quickly as you can but they must be completed in sets of 7