Tuesday October 8th

Sign up for the crossfit open. It’s an awesome time for all skill levels. The most common thing I hear during the open is “I wish I would have signed up for the open, everyone else did.” Check out the post on the members facebook page to see what it’s all about or just register and figure it out as we go.

Warm Up:
2 Rounds
150m Row
5 Push Ups
6 Banded Rows
7 Ring or Bench Dips

Skill Work Stations: 15 Minutes
Everyone will start at the same point and then just work through as many of the stations as you can. Once you get to the top station for you stay there and drill the movement. There will be more movements available but these will be the ones you will see. EVEN IF YOU DON’T HAVE MUSCLE UPS we are going to find where you are in the movement and start drilling that for you. There will be plenty of progressions for EVERY skill level.
-Ring Row+Dip(adding in banded and false grip variations for those who have MU or are close on the transition)
-Low Ring Drills (From Toes, Inverted, Mid Ring Set Up)
-Transition Drills (Russian Dip from the Floor or Box)
-Strict Muscle Ups
-Muscle Up Kip Swing
-Kipping Muscle Ups

For Time 9 rounds:
6 Toes-to-rings BEG-Knee Raises/Leg Raises
3 Ring Muscle-ups**We will use the skill session to determine progression**

Those going RX should be aiming for under 8 Minutes. Those using a progression aim for under 10, again with the progressions we will have you do from the breakout session will help keep you moving fast.

6 Minutes – go all out.
10 Kb swings
10 Push ups
100 M run