Tuesday May 8th

Warm Up of 5 minute bike
20 OHS with A PVC
40 Overhead walking lunges with a pvc
Grab an empty bar… over the next three weeks we will break this lift down
0-2 Minutes 10 Power Snatches from the power position
2-4 Minutes 8 squat snatches starting from the power position
*confused.. dont worry, we will explain it. Cant perform a full snatch. thats ok.. power snatch plus overhead squat

5 sets of 3 Full or Power snatches from the power position
Work your way up to a heavy 3.. it might take more than 5 sets

Wod- (snatch weight should be as  lighter than what ended your strength with
Hang Snatches 135/95  (HOOK GRIP)
Burpees over your bar

Immediately 600m run or 30/25 fast bike cals

*****If you cant do sets of 7 on your 21.. you went to heavy..

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