Monday May 7th

Warm up
8 minute partner row. 1 minute on one minute off
Then together
25 Airsquats with a one second hold at the bottom
30 walking lunges
20 Push ups (correct push ups)

Last heavy week of this 4 week Wendler Strength Cycle.

Make sure you hit as many reps as possible on that last set…
Back Squats
The numbers below are based off of 90 percent of your one rep max.. get that 90 percent number than use the chart or your phone to figure out the numbers
5×40% 5×50% 3×60% 5×75% 3×85% THEN

16 Minute Emom-
Even Minutes
10 Hspu (sub 15 pushups or 10 Heavy Dumbbell presses)
Odd Minutes
200M Sprint

******If you are not great a running we will shorten the length.. but you need to be running about 40- seconds a round.
******If you dont complete the work in one of the minutes it just turns into regular wod of handstand push ups and running.. as many rounds as possible.


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