Tuesday May 7th


Tuesday May 7th

Skill/warm up
1- 10 BirdDogs Total. demo here
2- 8 Supermans
3- 12 Hip Circles 6 In 6 Out
4- 100m Run
5- 30 Sec Plank


28minute EMOM
Minute 1-6 Deadlifts RX-225/155 INT-205/135 BEG-185/115
Minute 2- 200mRun
Minute 3-6 Back Squats RX-225/155 INT-205/135 BEG-185/115
Minute 4-Rest

We can set up bars on the rack to back squat BUT the Rx way to do this would be to take it from the ground and rack it on your own back. UNLESS YOU HAVE COMPLETE CONTROL OVER THE BAR do not try that. During the wod is also not time to do that. I would rather have bars set up all over the place (on the floor and in the racks) than have someone hurt themself.