Tuesday May 25th

Last day in the squat cycle!
A lot of you already pr’d. Don’t sweat it if you don’t.

2:00 glute activation
400m Run
20 Wallballs
20 Spiderman Lunges
200m Run
10 Tall, Explosive Box Jumps
Then 30 Glute Bridges w/ Glute Band above knees

Back Squat Re-test
Back Squat
Start at 70-75% and add weight each set.
Immediately after each set, perform 3 explosive box jumps.
Rest 3-5 minutes after the box jumps.
Goal: find a new 1RM in the third or fourth single. This is your back squat re-test day – there is no squat day next week!

It’s retest day! Start this session correctly with a sweaty and activation based warm up. Your aren’t going to “tire themselves out of a new PR” by properly warming up. Note that although this is a “find a 1RM” day, there are a few “working” sets before the singles, which are intended to further help athletes warm up and get in the groove. Athletes need to be standing up all of their warm up reps up fast while still performing their box jumps to get their nervous system firing.

Crank up the tunes, build the hype and hit some gnarly new PRs. Be sure to tag @trainhardercrossfit and @teammisfitgyms with your PRs!

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