Tuesday March 3rd


Tuesday March 3rd

Warm Up:
4 Rounds:
150m Row or 10 Cal Bike
7 Jumping Air Squats
5 Pull Ups or Ring Rows
5 Knees-to-Elbows or Knee Raises
1 Turkish Get-Up Each Arm

15 Rounds
10 Burpees
1 Rope Climb INT-Rope Progression BEG-3 Low Rope Pulls
–Coaches Notes–
For those burpee lovers out there this is just for you. DO NOT just look at the volume of the burpees, instead try and give yourself a goal with them for each round. Maybe time yourself with them or try to do the same rep counts in your working sets each round. With the rope climb with it only being 1 rep per round try to go with the upper progression for you. Aim to keep the workout at around 10 minutes to under 20 minutes

Optional Accessory Work:
Option 1:
Barbell Bent Over Row (Video Posted)
The load for this should be light enough that you can comfortably go through all 12 reps WITHOUT having to kip the bar to your chest and WITHOUT having to put the bar down.

Option 2:
L-Sit or Plank Hold
Build to 2 Minutes