Tuesday March 28th

At home workouts only for now. We will keep some weekend park workouts going and get a few workouts going on the outside of the gym shortly.

Warm up
3 Rounds
5 inch worms with push up
10 perfect air squats (do you have perfect squat, post it to the group page)
5 Push press (5 each arm if you have single DB, 5 total if you 2 dbs or a barbell)

Strict press
Reps and sets will depend on equipment you have at home.
If you have a barbell go 5 sets of 6 at a moderately heavy weight, where 5 and 6 reps are tough, but doable. If you have heavy enough DBS do the same. If you have a light dbs or not a lot of weight do 5 sets of 10 reps.
If you have no weights get inverted and do handstand push ups or if thats not in the cards do pike hspu off a box

5 rounds for time – all with the same weight on the bar, this is just like the workout DT
10 deadlifts (barbell or double db or even a single db or kb will work)
8 Hang power clean
6 shoulder to overhead
Rest 1 minute
This workout will go pretty quick with lighter weight. add a round or two if needed.

*if you have only a single db do 8 on one side, 8 on the other side- same with shoulder to overhead.