Tuesday March 26th

Warm and skill work:
Minute 1- 30 Sec Plank
Minute 2- 20 Sec Bar Hang
Minute 3- 10 KB RDL (10 each leg)
Minute 4-10 Jump Squats
Repeat 4 times

Skill- Chest to bar progression practice, coach will go over the progressions. If you don’t have a pull up we will go over progressions for that two. If you are absolutely amazing at chest to bars, and don’t think you need practice then do them weighted.
5 sets of 5 of whatever progression you are at-
If you have both kip and butterfly do 5×5 weighted butterfly or strict
need butterfly practice then do 5×5 of butterfly
need kip practice without chest to bar, just practice kipping 5×5 and so on….. no pull ups… we will practice negatives or 5×10 ring rows.

Review Hang Clean

4 Rds
21 Sit ups
15 C2B
9 Hang Cleans 115/75

4 Rds
21 Sit ups
15 pulls up
9 Hang Cleans 95/65

Wod- Beginner
4 Rds
21 Sit ups
15 Jumping pull ups
9 Hang Cleans 65/45