Tuesday March 26th

2-3 Sets, For Quality
1:00 Row (15sec Arms Only, 15sec Body + Arms, 15sec Legs and Body, 15 sec Full Stroke)
6/6 Half Kneeling KB Windmill
2 Wall Walks + :10sec Nose to Wall Hold
6/6 Single Arm Ring Rows
10 ring push ups

Bench Press
Every 2:30 minutes, 5 Sets
3 Reps @ 80-85%
3 Reps @ 80-85%
2 Reps @ 85%+
2 Reps @ 85%+
1 Rep @ 90%+
Percentage is based on your 1-rep max Bench Press

14:00 minute AMRAP
**No Throwing Dumbells!! It wrecks the dumbbells and the rubber flooring**
if you can’t control a db to the floor its too heavy
2,000m Row Buy-In
-directly into10-20-30… Alternating DB Snatch, 70/50lb
15 Burpee Box Jump Overs, 24”/20”
Score: Total Reps after Buy-In

This is TEAMPRVN Bench mark workout

Primary Objective: Complete the round of 30 Alternating Dumbbell Snatch + 15 Burpee
Box Jump Overs
Secondary Objective: Complete the Row @ 5k Pace
Stimulus: Muscular Endurance + Stamina / Lactate Threshold Intensity

Athlete Notes and Strategy: We would like the row to be just at 5k intensity with the goal to finish strong, allowing
for a consistent pace and enabling the athletes to get right into the Alternating
Dumbbell Snatch + Burpee Box Jump Overs. We are looking for the sets on the DB
Snatch to be in sets of 5-10 reps at a time while maintaining proper mechanics. For the
Burpees Box Jump Overs, stay moving and low to the box. Be sure to turn on top of the
box, transitioning into the next movement without a hiccup. Push the pace and get after
it today!.