Tuesday March 24th

Warm Up:
We really want you to take time to work on mobility over the next few weeks. Here is a short mobility piece before the workout.

After this upper body mobility do 5 fast rounds of
7 push ups
7 leg raises or candlesticks
7 Squats

Please read the options below as we know people are working with different equipment.

DUMBBELL or Single KB wod
For Time:
10 DB Hang Snatch (right arm) 45/30
10 DB Hang Snatch (left arm)
10 DB Thrusters with both arms (if you have one DB alternate 5 left, 5 right.
… Then 9 of all that… Then 8… All the way down to 1.


Barbell Version
Warm up to your working weight for the wod. As there are several different variations of weights out there I am basing RX of time domains and stimulus of the workout. This workout should be on the lighter side. The first 10 reps of both should be unbroken, yes the reps go down by one every time but there will be a time, probably around 5 or 6 where you might have to break these movement. You should be on the struggle bus with a one way ticket to Pain Town

Barbell version
10 Hang Snatches
10 Thrusters

Then 9 of each, then 8 then 7.. all the way down to 1

Post times to the facebook, tag the gym. We’ll keep coaching and providing you amazing service, you keep being the awesome community you are!