Monday March 23rd

Warm Up:
3 Rounds
10 Air Squats
30 Double Unders or Singles (Ropeless Jumps or Calf Raises are subs)
8 Ground To Overhead with Plate
6 Push Ups

For time:
1000m Row
50 Thrusters 45/35
30 Pull-ups

At Home Versions:
With Equipment:
If all equipment is available then go though the workout as written. If you don’t have a rower substitute that with an 800m Run(4 min Run). The workout is prescribed to use an empty barbell so even if you don’t have plates that fine. If you are working with DB/KBs use 53/35, if you only have 1 of each then go through single arm thrusters and switch to get 25 on each arm. If you don’t have a space/set up for pull ups CLICK HERE to see plenty of options to choose from.

Limited Equipment:
800m Run
50 Squatting Tuck Jumps
30 Towel Pull Downs
(Take a hand towel and hold it tight between your hands at shoulders distance. Start with the towel above your head and make sure it is pulled apart tightly. As you hold your shoulder blades together bring the towel down to your chin and return it above your head. The most important part is to KEEP CONSTANT TENSION in the towel. It should never have slack in it.)

Accessory Work:
Tuck Crunches (Video Posted Below)

Follow Mobility Routine Posted Below

Extra HomeWod:
5 Rounds
1 Minute at Each Station
-Mountain Climbers
-Push Ups
-Flutter Kicks
-Air Squats
Score is total numbers of reps