Tuesday March 13

Warm up.. it’s going to be a cold one folks.. Lets do 1000m on the rower.
Grab your favorite bar!
Its squat clean complex warm Up
0-2 minutesĀ  5 power position squat cleans
2-4 minutes 5 hang from the knee squat clean PAUSE then push Jerk
4-6 Minutes 5 Power cleans from the shin, two jerks

Strength 10 Minute emom. slowly build up. This is the wods wars complex
1 Clean from the floor (squat or power)
1 Hang clean (squat or power)
1 Front Squat
1 Shoulder to overhead.


Wod 12 mintues
7 Front Squats (bar starts on the floor for first rep) 205/145
9 hand release push ups.


Simple and elegant.. like Joe