Monday March 12th

Final Open Attempts between 9-10am. Other than that make arrangements with a coach. No attempts after 4pm.

Warm Up-
Slow 800m Run.
Then 30 Air squats- Bottom to bottom.. that means————-Squat, hold it there for 3 seconds, shoot back up quick and back down. We will do this as a class

practice Sumo Deadlift highpulls. Review as a class. 8 on the minute for 3 minutes. Lightest weight possible
Pay attention to how you are lowering the bar.. lower to hips first, then bend knees and hips to get to ground

Move your bar to rack and get ready for

Sets 8 back squats
warm up to 70 percent.. that will take a few sets, your first WORKING set should be at least 70 person

5 Rounds
10 Sumo Deadlift High pulls 115/75 (Dont be a hero, should be able to touch and go your first round of 10
10 Push Press Same bar, same weight
Run 200m

Smile! There are only two weeks left in the open.

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