Tuesday March 10th

Warm Up:
3 Rounds:
7 Burpees
8 Leg Swings Each Leg
8 Lateral Jumps
8 Empty Bar Power Snatches
8 Empty Bar Clean and Jerks

8 Minutes power snatch emom- this is meant to be technique work and help you warm up for the workout
3 Per minutes, end a little heavier than the weight you are picking for the workout

3 Rounds
10 Ground-to-Overheads 95/65 INT-75/45 BEG-55/35
200m Shuttle Run (4x 50 m)
–Coaches Notes–
If you noticed the first movement is just listed as “Ground to Overhead”, so as it sounds anyway you’d like to get it from the ground to locked out overhead is your choice. You can go with a clean and jerk or snatches for the workout, best way to decide is to see if that weight is heavy or light for you to move. If it is light then snatch might go quicker, if it is a little heavy maybe the clean and jerk is better. You could also just decide to work on one or the other. Whichever you pick the workout should stay under 8 minutes.

Optional Accessory Work:
Option 1:
Candlestick Conditioning for 5 Minutes or 40 Candlestick Burpees
((The video below shows some progressions for the burpees))

Option 2:
Sotts Press ((Video Posted Below))
Stay light with this movement, especially if you’ve never done them.