Monday March 9th


Monday March 9th

Warm Up:
20 Cal Bike or 400m Run
2 Rounds:
5 Empty Bar Good Morning
5 Hand Release Push Ups
5 Empty Bar Power Cleans
5 Empty Bar Front Squats
5 Empty Bar Push Press

Take a few minutes to build up to your working back squat weight
7 Min EMOM
3 Back Squats

7 Rounds, Each For Time:
7/5 Row Calories
7 Busters 50/35 INT-35/25 BEG-25/15 ((VIDEO BELOW))
7/5 Row Calories
Rest 2 mins between each round.
–Coaches Notes–
BUSTERS ARE BACK!!! Who is excited?! I know you all are. We are kicking this week off with some good old fashioned fast pace work. I am talking no more than 3 minutes PER ROUND fast. For most of you that 2 minute rest will be longer than you are working so it should be plenty of time to recover and keep each round at a similar time. If you’d like to bike instead of row you’ll do the same rep counts of 7/5, Running is NOT an option 🙂 .

Optional Accessory Work:
Option 1:
Bottoms Up KB Carry

Option 2:
Floor Press
Either with a barbell or DBs
Use a weight that you won’t have to break the 8 reps up