Tuesday June 13th

Last week to order your awesome flag shirts. Also please put a current email address on the sheet at the desk this week.
Do you know we offer personal training? CrossFit classes are group training so if you are looking for some one on one time some sessions might be right for you. If you fit into a category below personal training will work for you.
—-a beginner looking to learn skills faster in a one on one setting—-
someone struggling with nutrition who needs time (and accountability) with a nutrition coach—
someone who wants one on one time with an Olympic Weightlifting Coach to fine tune their lifts or learn them faster—
–an advanced athlete looking for that elusive muscle up or other advanced skill–
To see our personal training packages click here

Tuesday-Warm up with 4 minutes of rowing or bike then get your bar out.
Lets Olympic Lift
Power clean + 2 power jerks- slowly build up to a max- this should take about 20 minutes.

Wod- This wod (along with about 99 percent of all others)  is about intensity.. scale so you can KEEP MOVING. Little to no breaks on this one. We will help you pick a weight and muscle up/ pull up options.. if a coach takes weight off your bar, or asks you to switch from muscle ups to pull ups please do it. Intensity!!!
13 minutes
7 power cleans 185/135
5 bar muscle ups (sub 3 from the start if this is a skill you just learned or still working on)
30 doubles or 60 singles.
*subs for bar muscle are chest to bar pull ups OR 10 regular pull ups OR 10 jumping pull ups OR 10 ring rows. No bands today please. Also if you are losing your bar muscle ups mid wod and drastically slowing down please scale mid wod… either reduce reps or sub out the movement..