Monday June 12th

Last week to order your awesome flag shirts. Also please put a current email address on the sheet at the desk this week.
Do you know we offer personal training? CrossFit classes are group training so if you are looking for some one on one time some sessions might be right for you. If you fit into a category below personal training will work for you.
—-a beginner looking to learn skills faster in a one on one setting—-
someone struggling with nutrition who needs time (and accountability) with a nutrition coach—
someone who want one on one time with an Olympic Weightlifting Coach to fine tune their lifts or learn them faster—
–an advanced athlete looking for that elusive muscle up or other advanced skill–
To see our personal training packages click here

And now for the good stuff!

Warm Up-500 m row- 25 air squats with a hold at the bottom. Sit up against the all if you have to in order to keep a good back angle

Strength- Back Squat
5,5,5,3,1+  75%,80%,85%,90%,95%
What this means! It means you do some warm up sets with a very light weight to get ready for your first set of 5. Newer people have a pass on percentages. We are just building up strength at this point and finding a 1+ set is not a great idea.
For people that have been here you are basing all numbers in these sets of 90 percent of your one rep max.. confusing.. a little bit, but we will help.

Now for the good stuff. Wod is below the video

Wod 5 Rounds for time
10 dumbbell thrusters 55/35
200M run with a sand bag or med ball
15 burpees

Extra work-
10 Minute alternating Emom
0-1- 25 double under  or 15 double attempts ( if you aren’t close to doubles do 50 singles)
1-2 – 40 second plank hold
Keep alternating.

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